We understand your organization has customized strategic goals and needs. Our attentive team is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve and sustain optimal performance in all areas of their lives through mindful programs.


Fourth Aim Training provides mindfulness-based resiliency training on skills for elite performance, inner-management, and self-care to every person involved in the work of caring so they will be less likely to suffer from burnout, more present for patients, and more likely to experience the joy of medicine.

Program Offering:

4-hour in-person training

+ 6-week remote follow-up component accessible through smart phone or computer




This evidence-based, coach facilitated, group supported program focuses on healthy eating, healthy physical activity, and mindfulness for stress management.  

Year long Program: 

16 sessions in the first 6 months  

+ 6 sessions in the last 6 months (once per month)

All programs are accessible through your smart phone or computer.